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jodi hernandez joins us live from vacaville. jodi? >> reporter: not an empty seat or a dry eye as hundreds come to pay tribute to the officer who was a loving father who had a unique ability to make everyone feel special. zefs brave, he was courageous, he was dedicated, he was a professional and he cared. >> reporter: and hundreds of law enforcement officers gathered to say good-bye to officer kenyon youngstrom who was killed during a routine traffic stop a week and a half and a ago. >> we are forever in your debt. >> the young father of four, hes his teenage son shared the goofy
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side of his dad. >> he went out of his way to make people laugh all the time. he was just doing the dorkiest things. >> when officer tyler carlton, his partner on that tragic day, took the podium. >> i often have thoughts that creep into my mind of why or what if or i could of. but then i keep reminding myself that everything does happen for a reason. that this was all in god's plans. >> carlton says he's proud to have serve aid long side youngstrom as he took his last courageous stand. >> ken, i know that you can hear me. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for me.
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and i look forward to seeing you again, brother. >> reporter: and as his family took him to his final resting place, youngstrom's officers gave him one final salute. >> he taught me just to not sweat the small stuff and to love the job. i've all loved the job but it's brought it to a different light and to cherish your family. he's been a great mentor and a great fellow officer. >> reporter: now, after today's very emotional public memorial, his family buried officer youngstrom in a private graveside service. reporting live in vacaville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. new details about the unfolding international crisis in libya. at the center is a small independent movie played at a
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small theater in california. the film maker is a 55-year-old from southern california. nbc decided not to show clips of the film. so far, there are very few details about the production group responsible for the 14-minute film. this morning, secretary of state hillary clinton denounced the video. >> let me state very clearly and i hope it is obvious that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. >> the actors in the film actually also spoke out against it and said they were never told what the film was about. a statement released on behalf of the cast and crew said, we are 100% not behind this film and we're grossly misled about its intent and purpose. we are deeply saddened by the
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tragedies that have occurred. the actors said they were never given an actual script and their lines were dubbed over in production. the tralter for that movie was first posted online in july. it did not attract much notice until last week when a second version of the trailer was posted in arabic. today's anti-american riot in yemen grew violent. a mob broke in before police beat them back. no americans were reported hurt. it's the third arab nation hit by protests this week. last night it was egyptians erupting in anger over the anti-muslim movie and, of course, on tuesday libya. the state department is bracing for protests and is on high alert. student at a private park were turned away this morning after an early morning fire ripped through part of their campus. one of the buildings is a total loss. the damage, about $300,000 artu
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are ro, do we know the cause of the fire yet? >> reporter: all of the evidence points to an electric cable that point to a stove in the kitchen. school staff and pasht volunteers have been sifting through the rubble. when you see it for yourself, it's amazing that anything can be salvaged. >> the first call came in just before 4:00 this morning when the claims engulfed the administration office and the third grade classroom. firefighters spent nearly two hours trying to put out the one building sa building single story inferno. computers, books, supplies were all destroyed. >> it's gone. it's gone. but, you know, it's only stuff
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and while nobody got hurt, it's good. we'll work it out. >> beachwood is a nonprofit school. it has about 170 students and ran by staff members focused on their third grade students. >> we lost one classroom and so wire thinking a lot about those kids and how we could get them in school again. >> i don't know what i'm going to do but i feel really sad that it burned down. >> reporter: the goal is to salvage what they can, clear away the debris and be able to open the school again on monday. >> i'd rather be at school than home because i don't really get to do nothing at home. i just help my mom a lot. >> there are books, computers, there are all the things that you need to run a school were in that building. soi so it's going to take some money and some time to get it back
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together. >> reporter: now, just a few minutes ago, the last of the firefighters packed up their gear and left the area. but before leaving they sprayed down the scene one more time with water just to make sure on the outside chance that there were any lingering hot spots. live in menlo park, arturo santiago, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, arturo. after much hype and speculation, apple's iphone 5 officially made its debut and today businesses are focusing on how it can make money for them. the new iphone won't just be a big money maker for apple, it will also be a new opportunity for all of those app makers out there. our business and tech reporter scott budman is here to tell us why. hey, scott. >> diane, any time a piece of hardware gets an update, it gives smaller businesses a chance to shine. apple is no exception. there's an entire ecosystem built up. most noticeably, app makers. with half an inch added on to the iphone 5, it's extra real
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estate for app makers to take advantage of. they will get advice from san mateo company based on mobile apps, like fandango and helps it adapt to different screen sizes. >> most brands are most interested in creating additional functionality, to engage their users even more. that's the first thing. but there is also a possibility to use the real estate for additional advertising or other types of ways. >> advertising, perhaps something we might soon see on our phones from facebook. you can expect game makers to take advantage of the extra space. coming up tonight at 6:00, you will hear from a game maker about to launch the iphone 5 which goes on sale a week from tomorrow. >> thanks, scott. in other news, this is becoming one of the worst news in history for the west nile virus. the centers for disease control has not seen this many deaths since the virus first arrived in the country back in 1999. this year there has been a total
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of 118 deaths and more than 1400 who are seriously ill. health officials say the height of the mosquito season has passed and there will still be more infections in the next few months. contra costa starts a west nile mosquito spraying. the announcement comes after the county's first human case of the year was confirmed. trucks are scheduled to fog an area of brentwood between sand creek parkway and discovery bay between marsh creek road. it will go from dust through 11:00 p.m., weather permitting. >> good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. the heat is on in the east bay with temperatures in the low 90s. otherwise, 77 in san jose and also 81 in sunnyvale with the tearns warmi tearns temperatures warling up, the allergy forecast gets worse. plus, a love story that is now seven decades old.
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how one man's devotion to his wife. and some pills to help design you to feel good could be behind some terrible car accidents. learn what you need to look out for coming up. [ female announcer ] you want family dinner to be special.
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in health matters tonight, beware of certain pills. researchers in taiwan say they may play a big role in auto accidents. they examined data and found those involved in car accidents were more likely to have been taking medications, like sleeping pills, antidepressants, and anti-anxiety drugs. it didn't matter if they were on the drugs for just a day or a month. researchers say patients should not stop taking prescriptions but consult doctors if they are concerned. hundreds gathered to
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celebrate the first man who walked on the moon. neil armstrong was commander of the apollo 11 mission in july 1969 when he made the giant leap for mankind. his crewplates, buzz aldren was just one of many that attended the memorial service. armstrong died last month after complication. he was 82 years old. san francisco is getting the green light to continue going green by he cexpanding its ban plastic bags. all retailers are banned from providing bags at checkout. restaurants will also have to comply. in addition, under the law, retailers must charge customers 10 cents for every paper bag. business is booming for b b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. directors say they have
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seen weekday riderships, 4,000 riders. 85% of its fleet is in use on a typical day and anxious to add more train cars. more than 400 new cars are on order. until then, they are asking people to be considerate of others and make room for everyone. absolutely. tonight's bay area proud is a story that spans decades and continents. >> a south bay's man attempt to honor his wife ended up getting something in return. garvin thomas joins us with their very sweet story. >> you could call the story an officer and a gentleman. the officer, his late wife dorothy, was immensely proud of her military service, even prouder of her chosen profession, nursing. how he chose to honor that and her is tonight's bay area proud. over on the san jose campus, up
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on the fourth floor of the health services building is where you'll find clues to a love aware going back 70 years. one that's not over yet. the one between the late dorothy carson and the love of her life, red. >> even today, i'm as much in love with her now as i was the day she died. this one is her. >> the two met when the world was at war. >> many years ago -- >> in 1942, red, a teenage soldier from massachusetts, was sent to be ward master. >> you in the how shinely the floors are? >> at a station hospital in iceland. >> that one of my duties. >> the head nurse was a certain brunette from buffalo. >> i saw her sitting at the desk. immediately it was love at first sight. >> she clearly felt the same and their bond grew as their unit moved across europe. dorothy even landing on the beaches of normandy following the d-day invasion.
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>> she was april tending ttendi. >> the fact that he was an officer and she was not meant they had to keep their relationship a secret. >> we could go to most vees avit in the back row and hold hands. >> after the war, they settled in san jose where for 25 years she was night shift supervisor at san jose hospital and red, ever the dutiful husband would help get her ready for work. >> i was delegated the one to polish her shoes nightly. >> but when dorothy died two years ago, red admits he was lost. >> after she passed, i was in a fog. >> not until he struck on the idea of starting a nursing scholarship at san jose state in dorothy's name did his life gain meaning again. he gained more than that, though.
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>> hi. hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> you see, the scholarship, it turns out, came with more than money. it came with a healthy dose of red. >> we refer to him as uncle red. >> tiffany and veronica regularly see him, come over to the house for dinner and hear stories about dorothy. >> it's given everything i do a meaning, a direction. it says, like i am following her and being like her and i have the opportunity to be great like her. >> none of which red believes is news to dorothy. he regularly visits her grave and updates her on the goings on in his life. >> as i speak, we're being televised. >> he says, there's is a love story he would wish on anyone. a love story that has lasted a lifetime and then some. >> oh, my gosh. >> the scholarship goes to the two women. it's a scholarship for both of
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them and the idea that they are going to go on for patients just thrills red. >> an incredible honor for him and his wife. >> they are sweet. >> what a wonderful love story. thanks for sharing that. that's wonderful. let's check our forecast. it's beautiful. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> it is definitely so gorgeous as we head throughout our thursday, a slight northerly wind throughout the interior valleys and through the east bay. that was good enough to get us hotter weather mainly in the tri-valley. pleasanton, 90. and cooler in san jose with 85. a slight onshore wind returning to the coastline and temperatures are returning to san francisco and oakland. plenty of heat back here to livermore and pleasanton. let's take you back here to the sky camera network and what you'll find is mid-high level cloud cover. you're right in between there. so very comfortable this
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afternoon. this looks like a multimillion dollar painting. this afternoon it's making it gorgeous. fog is lingering at the coastline as well. let's bring you back into the weather boards. what we can pekts over the next 48 hours is this autumn air continuing to gain strength throughout the pacific. this is for next week but definitely some changes coming in that seven-day forecast. high pressure gaining off shore. it will keep it warm for friday and into saturday. it's not going to get majorly hot for us. for those of us in the east bay, the weather will continue. 60s and 70s and patchy area of fog and interior valuelies, hot inland for friday and as we continue throughout saturday we'll keep plenty of sunshine in that forecast. as you look at the morning hours, fog in the north bay and immediate coastline. it's going to be burning off quickly like we saw for today. around 10:00 and 11:00 on friday morning, we're looking at widespread sunshine from the
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north to the south bay. temperatures should top out at 86 in san jose, 88 in morgan hill and 89 in gilroy. not the hottest weather in the south bay. we're going to save that for the east bay. pleasanton and livermore, those low 90s will feel like mid-90s. 83 in the castro valley. not quite 70s in san francisco. 69. 73 in oakland and also 83 in sonoma. fridays and saturdays, low 90s. we'll start to see things cool down in advance of the autumn air. by tuesday, wednesday, and also thursday, temperatures cooling off into the upper 70s and also low and mid-80s and not looking at any rainfall here as we head throughout next week but generally the trend will be cooler. not hot today but if you're in the east bay you definitely felt it. >> yeah, it was warm outside. >> it's supposed to be that way. >> all right.
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thanks a lot. google gets psyched up on a game. we'll have that story next. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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you've heard the ex prex, if you do the crime, you have to do the time. but does that apply when you're 2 years old? a toddler has a police citation on his hands. 2-year-old na than yell was shopping with his mom when he realized he just had to go to the bathroom. the family quickly left to find one but before his mom could stop find one, just a little too late. >> i tell him to go over to a grassy patch and pea and the next thing you know i have an officer giving me a plastic ket for public urination. >> mom says she will fight that ticket. well, how many degrees are the most famous people in the world from kevin bacon? google now knows. 18 years ago college students dreamed up the party game.
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six degrees of kevin bacon and google is getting in on the action. just type in the word bacon number and every movie star you can think of. the problem, it's so thorough, every actor or actress is just one or two degrees away. stars of yesterday, marilyn monroe and john wayne are just two degrees away. in fact, shirley temple, rin continue continue and billie thomas, stopped acting back in 1945 were only three degrees away. we even tried silent film stars and couldn't find anyone four degrees from kevin bacon, let alone six. >> that seems flawed. >> everyone knows kevin bacon i guess in some way. >> rin tin tin? really? all right. we'll be right back. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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a touching sight in malaysia. the telegraph reports this lu leukemia patient delayed a chemotherapy appointment to see katherine. >> it is so exciting to learn about the country's very first pediatric care program. and to witness for myself something of the wonderful work of hospice malaysia. >> the duchess is the patron of a similar charity in the uk. thanks for joining us. nightly news is next. good night. >> good night.
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